Saturday, August 20, 2011

(Update) Friday 8/19/2011

Today I returned from speaking on the phone with one of Dale's doctors to find a congregation of nurses surrounding Dale's bed. Naturally, I freaked out, thinking the worst, and shrieked, "what's wrong!? what's happening?!" I pushed my way through the gaggle of surprised and confused faces only to find Dale sleeping peacefully looking like an angel. Either my shrill shrieking or loud gasping woke Dale and he opened his eyes. I swear, there was a collective "awww's", "ooo's" and "aah's" as well as "look at those lashes", and "look at those big brown eyes".

-________-    (<== my facial expression at this point)

He has managed to get all the nurses on his side without being able to talk, having been asleep 95% of the time, just by opening his eyes and batting his eyelashes.

-________-    (<== still my facial expression)

*Note to Dale's BC friends: Everyone does love Dale

Anyhow, all stories aside, there is some good news. Last night Dale's fever broke. In addition, he hasn't had any pulmonary distress in almost 24 hours which is great. Folks, it looks like surgery will be on Monday as long as there are no new complications. I'm keeping my fingers crossed and praying like a madwoman that he continues to get better. To everyone who has been behind Dale 100%, thank you for your continual concern, prayers, support and encouragement. Please keep sending the good joojoo Dale's way.


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