Monday, August 22, 2011

(Update) Monday 8/22/2011

Today Dale went in for surgery to relieve pressure on his spine and to stabilize the fractured vertebrae within his spinal column. The surgery went very well. Dale's insides can be likened to a cyborg's and he will now set off all metal detectors from miles away. Post- surgery, after the anesthesia wore off, Dale was alert and awake and surprisingly not in too much pain (Dear Dr. R, you and your Micro neurosurgical technique rock!). He is still awake as we have set the following goals for ourselves:

1. Re-establish normal circadian rhythm; sleep at night and stay awake during the day.
2. Work on extubation; getting the *beep mother fudge monkey beep* tube out of Dale's airway. 
3. No post-surgical infections! No bugs! (Unfortunately, this means a few days with no visitors. Don't worry folks! We are on our way to recovery and you will be able to see him soon!)
4. Do the egyptian dance as fast as we can out of the hospital and into rehabilitation.
5. Drink lemonade.

Thank you everyone for your prayers today! I will continually update the blog and keep everyone informed of Dale's progress! 



  1. Lisa 언니, thank you for keeping us updated. I'm glad the surgery went well! My family and I send our prayers and love from Korea. We are all hoping for a speedy recovery. Please stay strong!

  2. Loving this. Best to Dale and your family. Stay high and strong. We'll all keep on praying.