Sunday, July 22, 2012

"The Decision"

Much like Lebron James and "The Decision" in the summer of 2010, I've been in the process of choosing where to take my talents to for rehab! Of course, there were perks to each possible destination. Should I choose Mount Sinai, where I began my journey months ago in their inpatient acute rehabilitation program. Or should I choose NYU, a well-known rehab program that just recently relocated to a new office with state of the art equipment.

In the end, after much consideration, I decided to leave behind what I knew and go with the new. The final tug that pulled me towards NYU was meeting the director of rehabilitation medicine. It must have been fate. His name? Dr. AHN. He had two receptionists. One, by the name of Alice DALE and the other, I'm sorry to say I forgot. But what I didn't forget is her birthday...OCTOBER 3rd. So let's recap: a doctor with my last name, a receptionist with my first name, and another receptionist with my birthday! Ain't no way I be messin' with that ish, k?! I thought it was one too many coincidences for me not to choose NYU after my encounter at Dr. Ahn's office.

So last week, I started outpatient therapy at NYU Rusk institute of rehab medicine. I go twice a week, Wednesday and Friday, from 1pm to 330pm. And it's split up into an hour of physical therapy, half an hour of an open gym session, and then an hour of occupational therapy. I feel great going to therapy, although very sore after working muscles that haven't been used in months. But it must be done and I'll be stronger for it. And anytime I need a boost of motivation, I look to my good friend Ronnie.

I know many people are curious as to how I'm doing, so I'll try my best to keep everyone updated more often! Thanks for reading!


  1. so you aren't even going to tell people that i dubbed this decision "the decision" and compared you lebron james and said you need to stop dragging this out and make a decision so people wouldn't get their hopes up. i see how it is.

    1. Only Christina would post this haha...

  2. Glad to hear it Dale, keep up the work! Nothin but a peanut!

  3. Dale, fighting !! :) rusk institute is by the fdr drive right ?

  4. The universe is so amazing and I love that you followed your intuition with the coincidences. There is a path for you and I am wishing the very best healing for you Dale.
    With Aloha,